Mickey Hargitay: Steroids Or Natural

Mickey Hungarian, the amateur Mr. Universe was an ideal for an entire generation of both modern and new bodybuilders.

Mickey Hargitay has won the Mr. Universe title in the year 1955 AKA Iron Man, Miklos, and California’s Hungarian muscle man.

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The Iron Man physique looks very amazing as compared to other bodybuilders.

Is Mickey Hargitay really took steroids or was he natural?

There are not so much steroids accusations and criticism receive for the muscle man.

After discussing many new bodybuilders, this time is to look at some old amateur celebrity bodybuilders.

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But, According to few rumors from the different sources, Mickey has probably done the steroid practice.

So, do these types of steroid allegations are really true?

If what we say that Mickey Hargitay is juicy and the natural?

Before going to discuss in detail about this statement, you need to know about the importance of steroids regarding the era.

Back in the time, the steroids are not considered as a big issue and everyone can easily get the prescription from a doctor.

The Hungarian muscle man started bodybuilding in the year 1947.

He has also recognized as the beautiful people in the crowd of Southern California.

The Mickey determination towards the work makes sports more respectable in the United States.

He is a lucky man married to bombshell actress Jayne Mansfield and dad of 4 children including Mariska Hargitay

During the marriage of Mickey with Jayne Mansfield, they have made four movies which are mentioned as below:

  • Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter (1957)
  • The Loves Of Hercules (1960)
  • Promises! Promises! (1963)
  • L’Amore Primitivo (1964)

Mickey Hargitay was born on January 6, 1926. He was an inspirational source for many of them.

After starting a bodybuilding career and got the titles of Mr. Indianpolis, Mr. Eastern America, Mr. Universe, the well chiseled and amazing physique becomes the part of fitness magazine cover.

In the year 1955, Mickey also became the part of strength and Health magazine cover.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.

Mickey also gained popularity in the sports and other activities.

We do not have too much information about Mickey childhood, but his family background is poor, His childhood was athletic and loves a lot of skating and soccer.

Mickey has also performed circus acrobat with his father. Mickey Hargitay is the father of Mariska Hargitay, star of the law or order and Emmy Award-winning 

The daughter of Hargitay told about her father in the National Public Radio show “Fresh air” last year that:

“My dad’s is like a bit of superhero”

At the end of the second World War, Mickey was ready for the adventures and competition as well.

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Mickey Hargitay died at the age of 80 years on the Thursday, September 14 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The reason for death is multiple myeloma.

Mickey Physical Appearance:

If we look at the body of Mickey Hargitay, so there is no any huge bulking and the steroid symptoms in his body.

The traps and Delt within an average range. The legs are muscularly thin.

You may find many Hulk and the beast like bodybuilders in the modern days. They are usually taking the anabolic steroids and different compounds in a bulk quantity.

The arms and delts look like in a proportion and he has tiny and small waist.

In one of the pictures, it looks that Mickey Hargitay has bodyweight 220 pounds and the height is 6’2’’.

According to the natural bodybuilding, man with 6’2’’ height can easily bulk up the 197lbs naturally.

There is a difference of 20lbs between the natural range and steroid user. If we focus on 20lbs so, 10lbs may be built up through steroids and the rest of the 10lbs may be hard working and training.

Mickey Hargitay And Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7x Mr. Olympia paid tribute to Mickey Hargitay in the movie The Jayne Mansfield story in the year 1980.

Arnold is the father of modern bodybuilding and most of the celebrity bodybuilder have followed the Arnold physique as an ideal and the epitome of bodybuilding.

Arnold also talked about the Mickey Hargitay that:

Mickey was a source of inspiration for most of the individuals and have a positive attitude in most of the people.

He is a role model for many of the celebrities and recalled him as a successful businessman. Mickey very well knows that to double the one dollar into two dollars.

The bodybuilders from the Golden era like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret and Lee Haney has already admitted the anabolic steroid use.

The use of anabolic steroids in the previous time is not considered as the big issue. They usually do steroid practice for defined the physique and won the competition as well.

There is a difference of years in Arnold and Mickey Hargitay. When we highlight the background of Arnold steroid so, he said that he has done steroid practice because they were new in a market.

Mickey is older than Arnold so, probably the same reason may exist. Mickey had done steroids practice due to the excitement and maybe something new in the market and want to see results in the bodybuilding and different types of sports.

If there is a question that the steroids can bigger the muscles to a range where it looks like 3D and Photoshop, the gut is blown also known as steroid gut, men’s chest converting to gynecomastia?

So why these things are not happening in the case of Mickey Hargitay and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

To answer the question, you need to understand some of the basic points. The steroid gut is a result of stacking of HGH and insulin.

They have a very symmetrical type of physique and bodybuilding standard like tiny waist, muscular arms, and legs.

The reason of very defined physique because they intake the anabolic steroids in very low dose and moderate amount.

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The average amount of steroids may not contribute to developing worst sign and symptoms.

The modern bodybuilders prevent their body to prevent from the nasty appearance, they run PCT and incorporate the estrogen inhibitors and different supplement to get rid of gynecomastia, steroid gut and prevent the liver from toxicity and damages.

The tiny waist is a result of steroids in the average range.

The anabolic steroids stacking and knowledge of drugs is not so widely spread in the old era, while the new individuals already know about the patterns of steroid cycling.

Mickey Hargitay Workout and Diet:

Mickey has started workout in the gym. The source of inspiration for a Mickey bodybuilding workout is the pictures of Steve Stanko, John Grimek, and Steeve Reeves.

He has started the workout and training under the supervision of “Bob Higgins”, who is the former world and a featherweight lifting champion.

For the past few years, he had started training for the contest at York.

Mickey prefers the heavyweight exercises.

The rigorous bodybuilding workout program is very disciplined to build up the muscle.

  • Leg Press:

He prefers 2 sets with 15 repetitions and weight of 600lbs.

  • Full Squats:

The full squat exercises around 400 pounds is more likely to a strong presser.

  • Barbell Press:

The single barbell press for 280 pounds.

The Mickey training for the Mr. Universe contest and well development of the shoulders is the result of bicep exercises, curling dumbbells combined with one or two arms.

The food choices are different, the breakfast may include 3-6 scrambled eggs, fresh fruits, peanut butter, toast with honey, whole cream, ice cream, drink of orange juices, protein shakes, and a cup of yogurt.

Mickey Hargitay Steroids:

We don’t know the actual Mickey steroids but, according to our assumption, At that time the testosterone and Dianabol is widely available.

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The Testosterone and Dianabol are the bulking steroids. First, they were discovered for medical purpose and the treatment of diseases.


It’s hard to predict the actual situation because there is not so much information is available regarding Mickey Hargitay steroids online.

Although if we look at his body, so we never find anything drastic and the result of anabolic steroid.

If we look at the physical appearance so, it seems like that Mickey has very good genetics and know the way of dietary discipline.

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Mickey works hard very much and looked very well.

The overall pictures of Mickey Hargitay look natural. Mickey was ambitious, determined, hardworking, quite successful, inventor, and trailblazer in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Maybe, he took steroids for the trial basis and in a very small quantity.


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